OH DEAR!!! It has been more than a year since I have posted over here.
What I have been busy with? LOTS of upgrading tats for sure. On top of the usual Jobs.
Went to IMATS last June! It was AWESOME!!!

Being in this industry, to me is just like being in my previous industry. Both creative line though. You need to upgrade your skills on the latest software and design when you are doing computer graphics.
While being in the beauty/media industry, you need to upgrade skills on new techniques be it hair styling, special effects makeup, and even new makeup materials.

Will probably post stuff which are a little dated from last year. Do bare with me please.... Thank you for your patience.

Life is a constant upgrading. Never say its too old to learn anything new.

Here are some new editorial works I have done, long due from last year, till the current ones.
More in the usual PRESS and PUBLICITY Flickr folder.


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