No ugly gurls...

Hi people... I have wanting to post such a posting however I have to admit. Was a little lazy to do so. However, I'm rather inspired by some of the Taiwanese variety shows I saw only once again. And decided to amuse everyone else, or myself for that matter.

As the chinese saying goes. "There's no such thing as an ugly lady, only a Lazy one"
The following photos have not been edited. However, they have been digitally placed together, that's as far as the "editing" goes. No flash was used as well, just natural light and my dressing table lights. RMK makeup range was used.

Ok... NOTE!!! This is not how I look like everyday. I CONFESS, I do not like to fuss around with makeup and I do not like to have too much makeup on my face. BUT!!!! I love putting on makeup for others. Just not on myself.
The photo below is how I look like on an everyday basis when I'm out. My bare minimum when it comes to makeup.My bare minimal consist of the follow and a MUST for myself
- SPF makeup base
- Press powder or foundation powder
(those which are not used as 2way cakes, too thick for my liking)

- Eyelid stickers
(I have uneven double eyelids as I was born with single eyelids. Double eyelids developed gradually as I aged. No idea why. Sadly... they are uneven and makes my eye droopy)

(Ladies... I know there are many of you out there who ADORES falsies like I do. But, PLEASE... for the love of yourself. Try not to use those THICK, Long, plastic looking lashes that seems to act as a shelter for your eyes when in the rain, for everyday wear. UNLESS maybe you are going on STAGE and performing. Choose lengths that complements your eye size. I will be posting on Lash types and how to choose them, soon when I have a spare moment. Choosing the wrong type of lashes might mean your eyes might look even SMALLER than they already are.)
- Extras when you have the time for a little more.
(Fill in brows, a little blusher and that perfect lip gloss or lip stick to finish it off)

AND!!! With the spirit of Christmas coming soon. With your decked out makeup, props are important to set the mood too. I just got this is the mail and I just had to post a photo of me in it. Maybe a few photos... HURHURHUR... Come on, amuse me a little would you.

Merry Christmas everybody!!!
Remember... makeup can enhance how you look, but at the end of the day, we need to love ourselves for the way we are too. And not take ourselves too seriously at times.


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