It has FINALLY ARRIVED!! My new toys...... a SUGAR fix.....
I haven't been updating much recently and I did realise the amount of photos that have been pilling up.
HOWEVER... this was one thing that excite me as I LOVE recieving pleasant stuff in the mail for me. As you can see... Amy does put in alot of efford to her packages. Its not just for me, but for ALL customers.
As usual, I'm a SUCKER for anything fuschia with black. On the whole, the design, packaging and colours does has me written all over.

I've just tested the burning heart palette(warm colours). And I have to say that I'm kindda surprised with the final results. I did use Urban Decay's eye primer though.

- Colours may flake very slightly when applied with a brush and falls on the cheeks(High pigment so you have to be a little careful).
- Surprisingly easy to blend and can be removed easily with eye makeup remover. Though the purple is slightly more persistant.
- If you like STRONG true colours(what you see is what you get even after application) and matt finishing, this is FOR YOU.


The Burning Heart pallete

NOTE - This photo was taken after my shower. I tried rubbing on the shadows while the skin was still wet and the colours REMAINED STRONG and didnt budge!!!!! OMG!!!!
I wonder if its the primer or the eyeshadow that stays put. Removed easily with eye makeup remover but the purple does stain slightly pink which can be removed with oil cleansers.

And the Sweet Heart Pallete + Bulletproof....

Thanks for the LOVELY cards and sticker AMY!!!


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