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There were quite a few events last few weeks.

A birthday party for an old icon in Singapore. Lovely lady whom I've only just discovered was an even bigger star during her younger years where she spent most of it Singing and joined the acting scene later on. Together with Chris, we have no idea how many performers we have made over that day. The party was all heart warming and fun.

Last week's main event for me was The Star Awards 2010. There were a few screw ups in the location itself, however, everything went pretty smoothly. I was hardly able to get photos as things were pretty crazy and busy behind the scenes.

This week, I had the opportunity to work with the MAC team backstage at the Audi Fashion Festival and Blueprint. It was one of the best working experience I ever had.

In the April issue of Nuyou and in Urban Straits times. More over here.
Garden of Exotic Delights

Wile away those lonely summer nights and get seduced into the fleeting realm of fatal unearthly beauties. Here, all your most intimate and sordid fantasies will be realized by immortal, marble perfect, beings of pleasure. Scantily clad in vivid hues and resplendent negligees - they beg you to take them for the night.

Photography: Darren Gabriel Leow
Styling: Adriel Chiun
Hair: Kenneth Svar Ong
Makeup: Mavis Chang
Manicure: Shireen Mohd
Styling Assistant: Joan Rouen
Photo Assistants: Benjamin Ang, Audi Khalid
Models: Stela Lopes, Linda Markova, Amanda R / Upfront


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