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Was pretty much down with work, which explains my absence here.
JUST right after my trip to Turkiye I was down with work. Which is always a good thing.
1st up... Sandcastle, feature film by Boo Junfeng.

Me and my fav sporting granny of the film.

More NTUC shoots currently still in progress.

Had the priviledge to be back at my previous workplace for a short project. A WONDERFUL play, "The Imaginary Invalid" performed by the students of Tanglin Trust School. Can't wait for the DVD to be out. I was there to give a crash course in stage makeup for some of the volunteer students. While I took care of the old age makeup of the characters.
See the sporting and talented students.

2 official shoots. One for Urban Straits Times newspaper and the other for Nuyou Fashion Mag.
Urban CNY fashion shoot here.

With JooHyun the natural beauty and Rohai the swanky stylist.

Still to come... more testshoot stuff.

Kara as Eddie...


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