Brides, Thomas Sabo and Classicals

Strange enough, in all these 3 jobs, I did only hair, no makeup. And they all happen within the same week.
Of course as I do more hair stuff, the more I think I need to learn and improve more on it. Especially from those who have more experience in this field. I'm very fortunate and glad that along the way, I do have some very helpful mentors who would teach and guide me along.
For Thomas Sabo, my partner for makeup was Loraine.
For Brides Ideas, I had Sherry's sis and Daphne for makeup, Sherry and myself for hair. FYI... Sherry does some very mean neat hair styling... Salute~~
For the Classical concert event I had a team of 8 lead by Jo.

Here's to the Thomas Sabo port.
Here's to the Bride Ideas port.


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