nail test 2,3 and 4

Here are some of my latest nail try outs.
I have recently became a fan of OPI lacquers as I've only just realise how smooth the texture is the how easy application can be, as compared to those drug store cheaper lacquers(though not that cheap either). Regretted buying those cheaper Japanese brands...
OPI does not seem to cake up like most others might(sounds like makeup). Some of you might have already known this fact(okay... I'm slow, but I have never really been a "nails" person)
This is my latest. I'm currently wearing them. My latest crazy starts here. My 1st bottle of OPI lacquer and I manage to get the designer series. Which has the holographic effect. This was the older collection though. The current ones aren't holographic but specks of shine. I've changed my nail shape to round edge(just like old times). I have been having rectangle finishes as manicurists I went to seems to prefer do that. Okay... This is something I have always liked and never did try(gradient nails). However... it was a pain. I didn't quite understand how to create the texture. Even after viewing Youtube clips. I had to try it on 2 nails at first, but it took me like 5-7 tries?? I finally understand the method behind it... I hope. Might try more with other tones perhaps.

The "sticker collection"... done after my 1st white and red version in my previous post. It was a mistake and a failed test to create gradient nails...


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