photoshoots and mundane stuff

Nothing happening recently but a photoshoot with Soon Tong and Ashburn. One of the fiercest shoot I had till date. Many thanks for the opportunity. Great models too... in the looks and character department. Especially the 2 men who seems to be open for anything. Shoot tastefully done. Awaiting photos with bated breath~~

As for the rest of the usual week, here and there, I will be at mdc doing the usual stuff. It has been a few months now, almost getting the hang of it. Though... I'm still trying settle in somehow. Great experience for me, but if there is one definite thing that still bothers me a little till this day, is walking all the way into the place. With UPs and DOWNs... many stairs and quite a few doors.

Another photoshoot happening later this evening... at LOYANG! Goodness, it's seriously the other side of Singapore for me. After that, 3 consecutive 7am shifts at mdc... ohhh joy...
I'm never really a morning person. Though staying up till like 4am for a shoot is okay for me. Not when I have to wake up early though.

In all... I still thank God that I have jobs at least. ^_^ Being busy is always a good thing, especially if you're having to run around.


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