Blend and Fix

It has been a crazy past 3 days at mdc with 7am shift... the CRAZIEST being yesterday... where people just kept flowing in. Though there were more MUAs and hairstylist on duty during that period. It was by far, one of the most chaotic times I have experienced during the morning shift.
With a total of probably 5-6 groups of people.
Everything cooled down by the time it was 9am.. Thank God...

While I was getting mentally prepared for today, everything went on quite smoothly. With a manageable flow of people. Coupled with some fun and serious laughing towards the end of the shift.

When I was finally home... I decided to watch my very dated Victoria Secrets 2008 Fashion Show... One of the models inspired me and I decided to test out my "Blend and Fix" from The Makeup Store...
Here is my brief review on this product. It is basically a gel which helps blend and fix loose powders, eyedust or blushers to make them creamy and long lasting. At the same time... brightening the colour. I have yet to try it on loose powder and eyedust.

- Works PERFECTLY with glitter dust, though much blending is required
- Glitter dust doesn't seem to crease at the eye area despite the usual eye folds.
- Glitters can then be wiped off with EXTREME ease with a facial sponge. BEFORE any makeup removers or oil cleansers are used.
- Can be used with cake liners(though I cant guarantee if it's smudge or run proof)

- It actually darken the pigment of eye shadows and made it slightly more difficult to blend.

Here are photos from my test. It's a pretty solid coat as u can see. BUT!!! My lids didn't feel any weight at all. I'm wearing contacts by the way, however, I didn't see or feel any glitter fall into my eyes.

NOTE: With looks like that... you need DRAMATIC lashes for it to work. I already had the lashes on previously... that was why I didnt bother to add a dramatic one to it.
Glitter liners from The Makeup Store is by far the BEST glitter eyeliner hands down. As compared to any other glitter liners in the market.
It provides a true solid glitter line that can be piled on to make the glitter line dense.


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