I just did a Benefit roadshow.

Interesting products I should say. Cream shadows are kindda fine in texture, however, it really needs good blending. "Babe Cake" was great to use, topping it off with "get bent brush", however... I wish the brush head was a little finer and that the fiber did not fan out that easily(or maybe the brush I was given wasn't new). The angle of the brush was great! Love it for it's comfortable angle.
I haven't got a chance to use their liquid and cream stick foundation, so I'm not too sure how well they cover. Only been using their "some kindda Gorgeous" cream to powder foundation, which seems to suit all skin types so far and one of their best seller. Unfortunately, they only have 2 tones to choose from, which is rather easy for consumers to decide which to use.
Only one issue, it could cake on some people with sensitive or dry skin, when used with "get even" press powder(good for oily skin). When that happens... just using the cream will do. Kabuki brushes works wonders for pressed powders!!

Their new face powder "Coralista" was FANTASTIC! Love the colour. It seriously compliments any skin tones giving them a nice glow all at the same time. I really like their face powders to be frank. Pricey... but good. Smells nice too.

Another interesting fact... practically all the customers I have done, doesn't really use the lash curler!!! Reason?? They keep clipping onto their own lids!!! Ouch...
When they saw that it was possible to have their lashes curled, you should look at their brightened expression.

Lipsticks are smooth... and provides good coverage, neither does it dry, crack or flake my lips like some brands do. I would highly recommend it.

However, you can tell that they like the brand as they are repeat customers, no stranger to the brand.

My final ABSOLUTE must have from Benefit?? BENETINT of course. Easy to blend, with a gentle rose scent... used before or after foundation and doesn't cause the makeup to cake. Last the whole day.

Another thing about Benefit... Their choice of colours for esp. for their shadows are on the natural side. For people who would prefer funkier more exciting colours, I guess you might have to look elsewhere.

*** all photos taken from Benefit***


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