Yet another test shoot with Ash yesterday. We were suppose to do it outdoors however... it started drizzling after we were all set up and ready. Drats... It could have been an interesting one.
We then proceeded to the studio.

Shaf our model was somewhat our quirky model for the day. You should have seen the energy he brought on set. HA...
Another photo session later this evening. This would be just a rather simple one. The usual at fsa.

On a lighter note, my journey home on Sunday was being made an interesting one. Though it took me a few mins to adsorb when I got on the bus as I was rather tired. Apparently... there are other modified buses moving around in Singapore with various themes!! If only EVERY single ride was that interesting. It's not really practical in terms of sitting capacity but hey, standing is fine as long as I get to ride fresh new concept buses to brighten up my day. This particular one is the Nokia music bus. Pink on the outside the weird and wonderful headphones.


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